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Win Diapers For A Year!


Win Diapers For A Year!


Like surprises? So do we! That's why our Foundation is offering a year supply of diapers to the first mother who delivers at our new Birthing Center. 

The lucky mother who wins the promotion will get a variety of sizes that caters to the development of her baby. We will start the winner off with a bulk order of "newborn" diapers. A pre-determined amount of diapers per size has been calculated as follows:

  • Newborn:  320 diapers
  • Size 1:  870 diapers
  • Size 2:  870 diapers
  • Size 3:  728 diapers

Once the winner is ready for the next size, we will again provide the next set of pre-determined diapers to the winner. Ordering on an "on-going" basis will help with storage limitations and offer more flexibility to provide the right size at the right time. 

Disclaimer: The number of diapers given will not exceed 2,788 during the promotion period. This number was calculated using the average amount of diapers a baby goes through the first year. For questions about the promotion, please contact Matt at (712) 722-8413. 

Good luck!